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We trained at the BBC

Video is without doubt medium that has the most impact in delivering often a complicated message in a straight forward and personal way, it works 24/7 via web, and unlike print can easily be adapted and changed to reflect the dynamic nature of your business.

Our ethos is a simple one: We will tell your story so it's believed in, remembered and delivered in broadcast quality.

Just like everything else we produce, we will not embark on any filming until we fully understand your goals and we will work with you and your team to make sure we achieve these. We even have self filming kits which your teams can use via our video tutorials and one to one tutorials.

Once shot, if you prefer we can come to you to edit the footage, with our portable edit suite, saving time and increasing the teams input in real-time.

The technology we use is important

MKI has embraced state-of-the-art lightweight technology, we can move around easily, discretely and even fly our cameras to get really creative without big crews big cameras and big budgets!

We’re a bunch of very passionate story-makers, photographers and editors, who work as one to produce arrestingly unique and thought provoking video.